Month: April 2018

Mistakes To Avoid With Adhesives

Stickers have become an effective advertising method for many companies, regardless of what type of industry they specialize in, and this has helped to further their popularity. As a result, more and more companies have decided to design and order stickers for different purposes, but the fact that stickers are somewhat different when compared to other advertising methods has also led to these companies making a number of mistakes. Below are some of these, and why you should be avoiding them:

Not considering where the stickers will be stuck – many companies tend to jump onto the idea of including custom stickers from E Stickers in their list of advertising goods and merchandise, but they often do not pay enough attention to what exactly will be used, how it will be used, and where it will be used. This is a fatal mistake to make when designing stickers, because it can significantly limit the ideas you can work with. Rather than believe that your stickers can (and will be) used just about everywhere, it is better to limit yourself to a specific location: say, the rear windshield of a vehicle. This allows you to give your sticker a specific size, and define its shape through specific restrictions that would be imposed as a result. Instead of preventing you from designing a sticker, the restrictions often have the opposite effect, and let you be creative within your limits.

Not thinking about the distribution process – another mistake you want to avoid with stickers printing is failing to pay attention to their distribution. The best example that could be cited here is if the stickers were to be mailed to different clients and partners: a lack of planning can easily lead to the stickers being too large for the purchased envelopes or packaging, and this ultimately means the stickers will have to be folded in order to be inserted into the envelopes (and this basically ruins their purpose). As such, make sure to consider how and when these stickers will be distributed, and make it a point to factor that consideration into their design. Searching for a good sticker you can click this page for a reliable information.

Not relying on professionals – and finally, another common mistake that most people tend to make is simply deciding to not rely on professionals. Many companies believe that their own employees could successfully create a good sticker design – and sometimes, this does happen – however, the truth is that there are many things to consider when designing a sticker. Forgoing the advice of a professional in such an instance will most likely lead to economic losses as well, so it is often better to call a professional designer without worrying about their fees right from the start.